About us

Monte Carol House furniture is a furniture shop in Yangon, Myanmar. The product line consists of standalone or consolidated items that complement one another and work well in today's eclectic lifestyle environments. We have cultivated true partnerships with the artisans that build our furniture under strict guidelines to ensure reliability, consistency, Please take your time and browse our product line secure in the knowledge that your selections will be delivered with the utmost value and quality. For an inquiry, please reach out montecarolhouse@gmail.com or call 09956516705 for any assistance. 

Local made Myanmar Rubberwood, Teakwood, Solid wood Furniture, and plywood Furniture. Customized Contemporary Sofa couch, Fabric Headboard Bedframe, and Luxury Import/Export Modern Furniture. Supply customized Japanese style and Nordic Minimalistic design.


Our Store

No. 399A Myo Ma Street,  Tharkata 11231Yangon, Myanmar 

Customer Service

Tel: 09956516705


Opening Hours

Wed - Sun: 10:30am - 5pm

​​Mon - Tue: Closed

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