How to care for Eco Friendly rubberwood furniture with Yangon Weather

If you prefer furniture made from real wood resources, one of the most unique options is rubberwood. This material comes directly from the trees which produce latex, essential in the formation of natural rubber products. When the tree reaches about 30 years of age, it no longer produces the materials for rubber, so the wood is harvested to create additional products such us furniture making. Despite his name, rubberwood is a real hardwood being moderately hard, having medium texture and similar density and weight as any moderate hard woods. Caring for it isn't much different than caring for any moderately hard wood, such as mahogany, and oak

1) Kindly avoid leaving the furniture in a location where temperatures are excessively hot and dry, especially under direct sunlight. The light and heat bleach the wood and cause it to dry out more quickly than it should, prompting cracking.

2) Maintain an even level of humidity in your home. Avoid placing near bathroom or if your home/room is no humid proof, excess humidity causes the wood to expand, while a dry environment causes it to contract. This back and forth prompts cracking and high humidity can create molds on the surface. Run a humidifier during the summer or winter and a dehumidifier or air-conditioning during the raining season to maintain a consistent atmosphere. Use the A/C to keep your home cool, never keep wet items sitting on surfaces, and pull your furniture away from the walls to keep everything ventilated.

3) Apply liquid wax or Teak Oil or Anti fungus periodically to return shine to wood furniture and create a protective barrier to avoid molds. It is not mandatory but occasionally you can use flash and smooth to clear out the wax or teak oil and to having smooth clean surface. Avoid using to flooring and can cause slipping.

4) Regular household detergents and cleaning products, marker pens will leave stains and in some cases can leave permanent damage to the wood. It is indicated to clean the wood with only a very small amount of soap and a little warm water and then quickly dry the rubber wood surface with a fan or dryer. Another options, Turpentine can be used to remove stains and to clean dirty surface however the smell can bother you and please kindly apply it in open area (ALWAYS AVOID DIRECT SUNLIGHT). Leave it until the smell is completely gone normal drying time up to 4 to 6 hours.

5) If you are planning to go for a long vacation, make sure your room has enough auto ventilation system to circulate the air to avoid smell of molds. Alternatively cover with shrink wrap or empty boxes to avoid contact with room increasing humidity.

6) If water or alcohol have been spilled you must quickly remove in order to prevent the finish from being damaged

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